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How many of your workers/users have access to a PC or timekeeping device with an network connection?

A large percentage of your workers might have intranet or Internet access through a PC. Did you also know that newer timekeeping devices such as time clocks and badge swipe now have network connections? Web-based systems, whether a User connects through a browser or a time clock, allow you to achieve a significant ROI by leveraging the network infrastructure that already exists in your company. Elements of this ROI include:

  • Real-time reporting and visibility into who is doing what, where and when
  • Out-of-the-box integration with existing email systems increases system compliance with email notifications and reminders. Reduce the number of late timesheets. Eliminate the problems of faxed timesheets.
  • 100% web-based systems allow you to utilize common browsers such as IE or Netscape as a User interface
  • Secure connections such as SSL enhance privacy and security of all transactions
  • Single Sign On options with Active Directory or Siteminder allow users to automatically login with ease

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