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Payroll and G/L Systems Integration

Automatic, Accurate Data
With more than 250 payroll and G/L systems
Clockware's Time Bank for Windows provides an industry standard solution to the critical problem of integrating Time tracking data to Payroll and G/L systems. Clockware ensures accurate interpretation of pay policies and posting methods and automatically transfers pay hours, earnings and other project time data to various Payroll and G/L formats - with no errors or delays due to manual entry.

We Know Your Payroll
Hundreds of companies are currently using the Time Bank solution to integrate their time system with payroll and G/L systems. Time Bank for Windows supports all standard fields and provides totals information to ensure payroll data validation. In addition, to record layouts that support the standard earnings fields, Time Bank for Windows has additional standard record layouts that can support Shift, Pay Period End Date, Company Code, Department, Job Code, Position Number, Account Code, and G/L Pay Type. These additional record layouts require that the customer to modify their program. Time Bank for Windows requires a specific implementation procedure to interface appropriately with your payroll and G/L system. Import capability and error management need to be addressed internally prior to installation. In some cases, data transfer from Clockware/Integrated Design's Time Bank to the payroll and G/L systems may also need to be addressed.

Synchronize Your Data
Synchronize your payroll and time systems with Master File Links (MFL). MFL automates employee master file data transfer from these important systems to the your time system, so that new hires and current period changes don't need to be keyed in twice - MFL can use the entries made for employees in an HRIS system to keep your time system employee master file current. You can also save time and money by using MFL to automate the population of the time system employee master file at system initialization.

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