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Clockware solutions customize to your business. Scale to your needs.
Clockware's web-based timesheet, project time tracking, and time and attendance solutions achieve a rapid Return On Investment (ROI) through reduced maintenance costs, simplified adminstration, automated approvals, streamlined payroll integration, and real time management reporting.
Features Overview
Manage timesheets for projects, time and attendance, and analyze attendance and project performance for all divisions and departments in one system. Clockware's time and work tracking allows your organization to track project time and work, employee overtime, leave, comp or flex time, and more.
Customizable timesheet workflow engine allows for rule-based submissions, timesheet approver dashboards, automated Email reminders and notifications and easy application administration. With standard and custom roles such as Timekeepers, Project Managers, Super Users, Payroll Managers, Clockware supports a variety of roles-based and group security configurations.
Clockware allows your managers to track employee performance such as productivity, utilization and schedule deviation. Project tracking features allow for detailed project hierarchies, and for each task or phase start and finish dates, estimated hours variances, estimated hours to complete.
Time and attendance features allow you track in/out times by shifts and schedules. Clockware can synchronize and integrate employee data with payroll, accounting and other systems.
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