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Comp and Flex Time Support
Automatic tracking of comp and flext time according to your unique overtime rules. Comp or flex time rules can be granted and tracked for any employee by type or grade.

Comp & Flex Time calculations & automated tracking
Clockware's rules engine allows for automatic tracking of comp and flex time according to your unique overtime rules. When Employees use their comp and flex time balances the system automatically makes a deduction from the comp or flex time balance. Employees always have visibility into their available comp or flex time balances. Taking comp or flex time that exceed available balances can be rejected by the system providing a reason for the rejection to the employee.

Maximum flexibility
Clockware provides maximum flexibility in the configuration of comp or flex time rules. Whether overtime thresholds are daily or weekly, you can configure the rules you need to match your organizations comp or flex time policies.

Custom rules by important criteria
Comp or flex time can be granted and tracked against certain important criteria such as exempt or non-exempt status.

Integrate with any payroll or accounting system
Clockware integrates with up to 250 payroll and accounting systems.