"The managers love this tool because it's easy to navigate and simple to monitor attendance and work habits."

Doreen Daniels
Timesheet Approval Dashboard

Supervisors, Project Managers, Managers and Billing Managers can approve timesheets and project time using an approval dashboard. Global timesheet comments are attached to and routed with each timesheet, as well as any rules violations for leave or exception time.

  • Views of unapproved, approved or all timesheets.
  • Summary and Line-Item approvals
  • Supervisor can edit or reject timesheets
  • Notifications back to user of rejections or edits
  • Tab thru timesheets at drilldown level
  • Summary approvals feature can be turned off/on
  • Review/approvals through timesheet drill-downs
  • Warnings on leave violations routed to supervisor
  • Global timesheet comments routed to supervisor