"Choosing Clockware's leading web-based time and work tracking software was based upon careful evaluation. We are very happy with our choice. Our major goal was to find a time reporting system that was easy to install and easy to manage. Volvo IT North America has several locations in the US with more 2,500 people, so we especially wanted a product that could be easily deployed throughout the organization that our people could easily access, whether they were in the office, on-the-road or telecommuting."

John Lindberg Software Systems Engineer Volvo Corporation of North America

Clockware allows you to add an unlimited number of custom fields to objects such as work items, users and groups. Custom fields appear on the Details tab when editing these objects, and allow you to record additional information. Uses for this include recording project status information with work items, and additional human resources information with users such as addresses or skills, etc. Custom fields can contain text, numeric or date values. They can be entered in a number of ways, including edit fields, list boxes, radio buttons, etc. A plug-in interface allows even more advanced behaviors in Java the online support database has more information. Custom field values can also be imported and exported with standard properties for users, work items and groups. When exporting you will see additional columns for each custom field you have defined. When importing all you need to do is specify an additional column in the import file with the name of the custom field and the appropriate data.