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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why is Clockware considered the first name in web-based time and work tracking?
Clockware's web-based systems began their development in 1995 through a partnership with Netscape, developer of application and web server technology. Since then, Clockware has set the industry standard for ease of use, low-cost and simple deployment and retains its technology leadership with its J2EE compliance.

Question: What is Clockware's market share of time and work tracking software and services?
Clockware's market share in the J2EE-compliant 100% web-based market is more than 20%. Its market share in the time and work tracking market is much higher. Few competitors offer Clockware's features of time and work tracking.

Question: What is unique about Clockware and its web-based software?
Clockware is the leader in time and work tracking products and services. Clockware's web-based systems are among the most stable in industry, allowing for easy maintenance, upgrades and updates. Its technology has been 100% Java-based from the beginning. It is not "web-enabled" but rather pure web-based software. It has no mainframe or client-server legacy systems to support and only develops and markets J2EE compliant systems that can run on any J2EE-compliant platforms.

Question: What is the location of Clockware's headquarters?
Clockware's headquarters is located in the heart of Silicon Valley in California. The mailing address is 110 West Iowa, Sunnyvale, CA 94086, U.S.A. Contact Us .

Question: When was the company founded?
Going into its sixth year in business. Software development for the company's products began in 1995 through a partnership with Netscape. The company acquired its first customer in 1997 and began commercial operations in 1998.

Question: How can I get a copy of your annual report?
Clockware is a privately-held corporation and does not issue an annual report. However, investor relations inquiries can Contact Us .

Question: I am interested in working at Clockware. How do I send an application?
You may send your résumé to Clockware through the Careers area on this Web site.

Question: Who are Clockware's major customers?
Many of the world's largest global firms. A representative customer list is available here.