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Fast Facts About Clockware

Why is Clockware the first name in web-based time tracking?
Clockware is a company of many firsts. It began development of the first 100% Java and web-based time tracking system in 1995 through a partnership with Netscape. By 1997, the Company acquired its first customers by selling enterprise time tracking application software to major corporations. In 1999, the Company became one of the first Online ASP Services to launch in the United States. In 2001, it became one the first software companies to achieve J2EE compliance.

Why is 100% web-based software an important innovation?
100% web-based means that a user can access a software application with no locally installed application software required. He or she can access the application anywhere anytime through a common browser. Any other solutions not certified as 100% web-based create unnecessary system overheads, are more difficult and expensive the maintain and are not truly accessible from anywhere anytime. Substitutes for 100% web-based are anything called "web-enabled," Java One, or any other "thin-client" or client server application that cannot be accessed by a common browser. Clockware was one of the first developers of 100% web-based software in the world.

Why are Java and J2EE so important?
In the world of web-based software development, applications written in Java assured for the first time that companies like Clockware could "write software once and run on any platform." J2EE, now the most recognized development standard for web-based applications, is the next evolution of Java development. J2EE assures that Java applications are developed using an object-oriented component architecture, allowing for the greatest levels of inter-operability and ease of software maintenance.

How large is the market for web-based time tracking?
Large. The US Census estimates more than 120 million workers in the United States in 2000. Of these workers, nearly 60% are hourly workers requiring hours and leave tracking software. The remaining 40% are exempt workers and professionals requiring time, work, project and leave tracking to ensure that companies are in compliance with the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

What are Clockware Web Services?
Clockware Web Services is the next stage in Online ASP Services. Web Services allows companies to integrate with payroll, accounting, HR and other enterprise applications. Before Web Services, companies could only integrate systems locally that were hosted within their own operations.

Why is time tracking a superior workflow management platform?
Clockware time tracking software is designed with workflow and resource management in mind. The time tracking application is touched by more employees than any other. In fact, Clockware believes that time tracking will one day become the superior workflow and resource management platform. Clockware's development road map is dependent upon this vision.